How I became a knitting lover

What fascinates me most about knitting is that you basically create something out of nothing. Knitting is being creative with the plainest tools.

„The first beanie I ever knitted was for school – and my grandmother knitted like two thirds of it. Of course, the teacher noticed, but she just let me get away with it and graded it with a C or D.”

My beginnings of knitting were in elementary school and they were not exactly good. Knitting did anything else than just come to me. However, screwing up with the beanie teased me and I became ambitious to learn it by myself. My grandmother had helped me to get through the school project, but afterwards I wanted to learn knitting independently from school. My granny taught me everything about knitting. That is why my beginnings of knitting are connected with lots of great childhood memories of her. I can still exactly picture in my mind’s eye how my granny is grinding coffee with an old coffee grinder in order to make a pot of coffee for while she was knitting.

Ever since, knitting was and still is my hobby. I also always knitted in my free time while I was still a commercial apprentice after I graduated from school. I knitted for my family, friends and colleagues. Today I have been knitting for more than 40 years already. However, it does not mean that knitting never frustrated me. I threw my knitting work along with the needles against the wall quite frequently, but my granny had the patience of a saint. “No one is born a master,” she said every single time. And even if I sometimes ditched knitting temporarily, it would just not get out of my head. I wondered why it did not work the way I wanted it to and how I could solve it or do it better.

After I was a stay-at-home mom for a couple of years when my two sons were born, I turned knitting into a profession and registered my business with the Chamber of Crafts in the summer of 1994. I started out with knitting services and handed out flyers around where I live in order to draw attention to my little business. I for one had always liked natural wool best, but back then my business consisted of my knitting services and I would knit with the wool people brought to me.


How Icelandic Wool and I got together

Nordic patterns and designs already fascinated me as a kid. So, it was obvious that – as the knitting lover I am – one day I had to knit a sweater with a design like that myself. Thus, I ordered my first knitting kit for an Icelandic sweater and not only the pattern, but also the Icelandic way of knitting thrilled me immediately. I always hated the part in the end of knitting sweaters: sewing the pieces together. After all, I love knitting, not sewing. It happened more than once that the finished parts of a sweater were laying around as single pieces for a year or so – whereas Icelandic sweaters are knitted in rounds without any seams and in one piece. As soon as you have woven in the last thread, you can already go ahead and wear your finished sweater or cardigan. I loved that characteristic. In addition, Icelandic Wool is just very special. It is warm, durable and the yarn already has its own color structure. Plain-colored knitted passages are never boring because of the characteristics of the yarn. It develops its own dynamics and never looks exactly the same.

In the course of time people got more and more interested in that special Icelandic Wool I was so excited about. Since Icelandic Wool is not very often offered for sale in Germany, I also started to distribute the yarn and sell Icelandic sweaters and cardigans made to measure. That is what brought me to where I am today.

Therefore, I want to say thank you to all of you! I still love knitting, Icelandic Wool and what I am doing until this very moment.


My team

Conni – our office sunshine

We can no longer imagine the words “Go Baby, go” without Conni’s voice in our heads. Conni always makes everyone laugh and everything work. When she is not at the office, which is an exception, you can often hear the sentence “Conni would say…”. However, Conni does not only have awesome social skills, but even persuades the printer to make the cartridge last longer than usual (and then it goes empty when others try to print). We also envy her organizational talent and that she always has everything under control. Anyhow, it is impossible to imagine the knitting studio without Conni anymore, and even office dog Mo barks at her the least. When Conni is not at the knitting studio, she is most likely to be found on the back of her horse. She herself says that in her free time her horse, her dog and her husband are most important to her – although the priorities are not necessarily in this order…


Tina – the eagerous knitter

Tina and Christine have known each other for over 20 years. Christine has her hands full as managing director, human resources department, CEO and everything else that is found on the upper floors of companies. Since on top of that, she would not be able to knit everything by herself, her best friend Tina helps her when it comes to knitting sweaters, twisting wool and packing the packages. They first got to know each other through their dogs, later on their children went to school together. In point of fact, Tina has always been knitting, but Christine infected her with her passion to take out the needles again – “highly infected”, as Tina says herself with a grin. Besides us girls from the knitting studio, Tina’s family plays a big role in her life. She is a family person and also a proud grandmother to two grandkids. She is also a professional hunter and furthermore, runs a dog training school with all of her heart. She says that if she would not have children, her two dogs would be her absolute favorites.


Melli, Edwin and Steffi


The models who make our sweaters look good.






And me – Alena – the onliner

I have a degree in journalism and while finishing my studies I got to the knitting studio through my friend Melli, who models for Christine’s sweaters. I like photography and writing texts, so I gave Christine’s website a new look – and then I simply stayed here, at the knitting studio, alongside my work as a freelance journalist. And since Christine always has new ideas and our online shop is supposed to be available completely in English at some point, there is always something for me to work on. Meanwhile, you can even see me as a model in our shop. In addition, I help in the knitting studio when it comes to topics like online marketing and social media. Besides being a journalist and online content creator, I attach great importance to family, friends and sports. I am also very curious about other countries and cultures. During my Bachelor’s degree I have been studying abroad in the US and for my Master’s I am studying in Denmark and the Netherlands. I re-learned knitting from Christine for the first time since elementary school. A pair of mittens have already been made – the first sweater is still to come.


At our knitting studio we basically live harmony and team spirit every single day. A warm and friendly togetherness is our key. We know that we are always welcome to share our ideas with Christine and everybody is welcome to contribute. We think that is why we work together so well.

Do not dream your life, but live your dream…

Christine did what others have been dreaming of all their lives: she has taken a risk and has gone into business with something she loves to do all by herself. Therefore, she has the greatest respect and recognition by her team.