We offer knitting kits in different sizes, colors and designs. You can just go through our selection, in order to find your favorite colors and designs to get inspirations for your very own piece.

The cuts of the classical sweaters are usually a loose fit, but there are also designs that are more modern and also tighter. You can compare each cut by paying attention to the chest measurements of the different designs we offer.

Within the knitting kits the colors are not interchangable. A knitting kit can only be ordered in the given combination of colors. However, you can still always order the pattern for each design by itself and the colors you like best. How much yarn you need for the main color and the pattern of a sweater, you can find in the description of each knitting kit. Here we also give detailed information about how many balls are required for each used color.

And then just go ahead and get creative by yourself! You can also always simply browse through the knitting kits and the different designs, patterns and colors in order to develop your individual favorite design.




As an example, here you can see Design 12-33 in four different colors:

Our patterns are comprehensible and easy to rework with the plain instructions. Here you can find the knitting kits we offer in our shop. Here you can find the knitting kits we offer in our shop.

Knitting kits do not include needles. Which needles exactly you need, you can also find in the description of the knitting kits. Suitable needles and other useful helpers for the knitting process are also available at our shop. We offer a wide range of different knitting needles and other supplies you might need.


What is the right size for me?

In order to make sure which size and which design, enclosing certain measurements, you want, you can also take measurements yourself. Handy tips how to take measurements of a sweater you like because of its fit, you can find in the category Information at Made to Measure.

You would like to have your garment in a bigger size than it is offered? No problem at all! Just send us your measurements and we are going to do the numbers for you in the instructions, adapted to your size!

You can’t decide which color? We love to help and give you a color consultation.