Knitting an Icelandic sweater is easier than you think it is

You always knit in rounds. Only for the cuffs you also need to purl, but that is basically all you need when it comes to knitting skills. The patterns tend to look very complicated and you might think “I can never ever do this”, but also the patterns are quite easy to knit. In the most designs the patterns have a pattern repeat after either every 6 or every 8 stitches. Since you are repeating the same pattern continuously, you will learn the pattern repeat by heart in no time and you will probably not even have to look at the knitting chart anymore.

The knitting kits include patterns in either English or German. The instructions are comprehensible and easy to follow. But there are a couple of “typical Icelandic” methods we might not be familiar with in the common knitting practices we used to learn at school or from our mothers and grandmothers. Those methods are sometimes more complicated to read and understand than actually carrying them out. Therefore, you can always contact us and we always like to help out. In many cases it is also easier to see an example visually instead of reading the instructions. Unfortunately, we cannot just stop by at every customer’s or prospect’s house, so we made videos responding to the most frequently asked questions. We hope our examples are able to help you with your questions and you can find what you are looking for.

When you click here, you can also find an overview of abbreviations in patterns and knitting instructions. And here you can find further helpful information for knitting your own garment , like for example, size indications, how to knit a gauge bevor your start your piece and care instructions for Icelandic Wool.


Placing stitches for underarm on stitch holder


Joining sleeves and body in the round


Icelandic cardigan with button band – cast on / join in the round / start of pattern


Sewing and cutting an Icelandic cardigan


Grafting underarm stitches together


Weaving in loose ends