We often get questions like: „I wear a size 38/40. Do I need size M or L for my sweater?“

Clothes sizes in general are their own story already. Every brand has its own standard measures and we all know that problem: A shirt size M from this particular brand fits perfectly, but from another brand size L fits way better.

That is why we need your help with the pieces we knit made to measure. After all, your new Icelandic sweater or cardigan is supposed to fit you well. Therefore, we ask you to choose a sweater you already own that fits you well and measure it as described below. A sweater made from a little thicker fabric would be best if you have one.

The chest measurements are essential for which size you choose because we are forced to stick to the pattern repeat of the knitting design. (One element of the design that will be repeated, always has a certain number of stitches.) The pattern repeat varies 1-2 cm depending on the design. The chest measurements of the different sizes of each design are listed in the product descriptions of the sweaters. For the lengths of the sweaters and sleeves, we are entirely free to knit you any lengths you want.

Please pay attention to not giving us your body measurements! If you do, the sweater or cardigan will be too small.


And that is how you measure: Spread your sweater out on a table

A = chest size – take measurements right underneath the sleeves and multiply the single width with 2 (in order to get the circumference)


B = total length – measure from the shoulder right next to the collar (while excluding the collar) down until you are at your preferred length, including the cuff at the bottom

C = sleeve’s length – measure beginning from the shoulder right next to the collar (excluding the collar) and go down the outer side of the sleeve until you reach the prefered length of your sleeves, including the cuff

If you have any questions about tking measures, we are happy to help you!

The depicted designs we offer for made to measure are color and design suggestions that you can change individually according to your wishes and imaginations.

The delivery time for garments made to measure depends on the number of orders. During the summer months, our delivery times are usually shorter, but especially in winter, a little patience is required from you. Due to a generally very high order situation, we currently have delivery times of several months, so we recommend contacting us before ordering.

All our sweaters and cardigans are knitted by hand and unfortunately, knitting a sweater does not happen in a day. However, you can always simply ask for the current delivery time before you make an order.

Payment is not due until we start to knit, so you will not have to pay yet at the point of time you order. We will inform you when the knitting process of your ordered sweater or cardigan starts and that is also when we will ask for the money transfer. Until we start knitting it is also still possible to cancel your order. However, after we started your garment, it is not. Usually, we received your payment until we finished your new sweater or cardigan and we will ship it to you immediately after completion.

Here you can find an overview of the designs we offer made to measure.

If you would rather have your Icelandic sweater or cardigan in your hands sooner than later, you can also have a look at our already knitted designs that we currently have in stock: Here you will get to our individual designs of Icelandic sweaters we already have in stock that are good to go and we can ship to you right away.