Within our accessories you can find hats, beanies and gloves made from high-quality Icelandic Wool. Icelandic Wool is usually used for knitting either sweaters or cardigans, but it is also great for knitting things like beanies, living room accessories and suchlike.

What is Icelandic Wool?

Icelandic Wool is a very resistent material, that is gained from a special breed called Icelandic Sheep. The wool is ideal for extreme weathers, but still smooth and comfortable, which can be attributed to a special characteristic the wool of the Icelandic Sheep offers. It consists of two different hair types. The underfur is soft and isolates coldness, which keeps warm underneath. On the outside the fur is longer, sturdier and water-repellant. Without Icelandic Sheep the Vikings would not have been able to stay on Iceland back then. The breed of the Icelandic Sheep is worldwide unique and its wool is conditioned for the Northern climate. Furthermore, Icelandic wool is a natural resource, which on the one hand, offers high quality and on the other hand, is ecofriendly. For the preparation and the processing of the wool energy sources like geothermics and water energy are used.