We offer Icelandic Wool in different versions:
Alafosslopi is the classic and most used Icelandic Wool. It is excellent for garments that are worn outside and for outdoor sports like, for example, hiking or horseback riding. For the Alafosslopi Wool we recommend needle size 5-6.

Lettlopi is more for lighter sweaters that are worn inside. The wool is also perfect for sping or fall clothes. Here we recommend needle size 4-5.

Bulkylopi is the thickest Icelandic Wool, which makes it perfect for outdoor clothing that is supposed to keep really warm. For Bulkylopi Wool we recommend needle size 8-9.

Plötulopi is an unspun LOPI-yarn, which makes it softer than the others, but it is still sturdy. Using it one-thread the wool is best for lighter garments. Using it doubled it can be used instead of Lettlopi, tripled instead of Alafoss and using the thread four- or five-time it can be used instead of Bulkylopi.

Einband / laceweight yarn is the thinnest Icelandic Wool. It is perfect in order to knit light summer wear and lace shawls.

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