Alafosslopi Color 0159 – orchid


100 % Icelandic Wool, orchid

100 g ball

Needle size 5 – 6 (mm)

Hand wash

Material – 100 % Icelandic Sheep’s Wool

100 g ball
Length: approx. 100 m / 100 g
Needle size 5 – 6 (mm)
Gauge: 13 sts / 18 row = 10 x 10 cm
Hand wash

You need:
For a women’s sweater EU size 38 (knitted in stockinette stitch) approx. 800 g
For a men’s sweater in EU size 52 (knitted in stockinette stitch) approx. 1000 g

Alafosslopi is ideal for Icelandic sweaters or cardigans for outdoor activities such as horseback riding or hiking.

In addition to the single balls of wool, we also offer a wide range of knitting kits. These include the amount of wool for the selected size and the pattern with detailed knitting instructions (for all sizes) in German. Instructions and patterns in English upon request.

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If you want to order a knitting kit in different colors than displayed in our shop, you can also order the wool and an individual knitting instruction. For the individual knitting instruction, add this item to the shopping cart and enter the number of the design you wish in the little text field in the shopping cart when you finish your order.

The LOPI yarn comes from a unique breed of sheep from Iceland. The special Icelandic Wool is very resistant to extreme weather conditions and yet soft and comfortable. This is due to a special characteristic of the wool of the Icelandic sheep. It consists of two types of hair: the inner hair is very soft and insulates cold, the outer hair is longer, firmer and water-repellent. Without the Icelandic sheep, Iceland would not have been habitable for the Vikings thousands of years ago. The sheep breed is unique in the world and its wool is designed for the Nordic climate.

With the different yarn strengths, it is not only possible to knit thick Icelandic sweaters with Icelandic wool, but also thinner garments and even light cloths. The LOPI yarn is a natural raw material, which on the one hand offers high quality and on the other hand is environmentally friendly. In the processing of the wool there are sources like geothermal energy and hydroelectric power used.

We try to present the colors of the yarn as true to the original as possible. However, please note that the colors might look a little lighter or darker or slightly different depending on the resolution, display etc. of the screen.



100 % Icelandic Wool


100 g