Cable-stitch Pins


Prym cable-stitch pins

curved, approx. 12 cm long
Size: one needle in 2.5 mm and one in 4.0 mm

Material: Aluminum

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Cable-stitch pins are used for knitting cable stitches. They are basically stitch holders on which the stitches to be cabled can be placed and picked up again later. Depending on the pattern and the size of the cable you want, the number of stitches left on the pin vary, as well as the number of stitches you continue knitting with vary, before picking  up the stitches left on the cable-stitch pin again. The direction in which the cable-stitch pin is placed determines the direction in which the cable should go. If you place the pin with the stitches on it in the front, the cable will turn to the left; if you place the pin in the back, the cable will turn to the right.

We carry cable-stitch pins of the company Prym. The package contains two pins in different needle sizes, one in needle size 2.5 mm and one in 4.0 mm. The pins are curved, approx. 12 cm long and made of aluminum.




Needle size

2.5 and 4.0 mm