Design-Color Wool Socks 1725

From 16,95 

Material: 75 % virgin wool, 25 % polyamide

4-ply Design-color sock yarn

felt-free, durable, machine-washable up to 40°C


These self-knitted socks we have ready-to-wear in our stock. Is your desired size out of stock? We also knit socks according to our customer’s wishes. The delivery time of custom-made socks is usually about ten days, depending on the order situation. On the contrary, the wool socks we already have in stock are ready for shipping immediately and you can be walking around in your cozy socks in just a few days from now.

We knit our socks from quality yarn by the company ONline. The socks are made of 4-ply Design-Color sock yarn. The composition of the sock yarn is 75 percent virgin wool and 25 percent polyamide. This blend ensures that the knitted socks do not felt and do not shrink during washing. The addition of “superwash” to wool means that the knitted socks are machine-washable.

The fitted heel guarantees high wearing comfort and due to the special way we decrease stitches, the socks also have no warp seam at the toe, so it does not pinch you when wearing shoes.

Click here for a detailed size chart of the sizes of our socks.