Information and measurement chart for socks

We knit all our socks by ourselves with the help of a knitting machine. We are very mindful of the quality of our sock yarn and of the process of knitting the socks.

Our socks guarantee a very high wearing comfort due to a precisely fitting heel. We knit heels in short rows. In ordinary language they are also called yo-yo heels or boomerang heels. For these kind of heels, the knitted socks have a 90° angle which make them fit so well on your feet.

We also knit the forward sections of the socks with a special way of decreasing the stitches and without a whipped seam. Usually, the whipped seam is at the very tip of the socks, but we knit the tips of our socks differently in order to not have a seam at the toes that might pinch you while wearing shoes.

The seam that is located on the back is routing from heel to calf. It is also a special seam you will not feel while wearing the socks and which is barely visible.

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In order to have a better overview of the sizes, you can see the measurements of each size listed below:


Size A = heel to top in cm B = foot length in cm
20-23 10,5 13
24-27 14 15,5
28-31 16 17
32-35 18 19
36-37 21 22
38-39 23 25
40-41 24 27
42-44 25 29
45-47 26 30



Sizes in inches:

Size A = heel to top in inches B = footlength in inches
20-23 4,13 5,12
24-27 5,51 6,1
28-31 6,3 6,7
32-35 7,1 7,45
36-37 8,2 8,6
38-39 9 9,8
40-41 9,45 10,6
42-44 9,8 11,4
45-47 10,2 11,81