Here you can find further useful information for knitting Icelandic sweaters, like details about size indication, knitting a gauge and care instructions for wool.


Size indications in patterns and instructions

Usually the patterns are written for knitting the designs in different sizes. While in the written instructions the figures in front of the parentheses refer to the smallest size, the figures within the parentheses are the ascending following sizes. If you can find only one number in the instructions, it applies to all given sizes. The measurements that you can find at the beginning of each written knitting pattern refers to the measurements of the finished garment.



Before starting a piece, we definitely recommend knitting a gauge as described in the instructions. A gauge is important to make sure that the garment is going to have the right measurements. Therefore, you have to knit a sample in the given pattern and in the given number of stitches and rounds. And this very sample is supposed to have 10 x 10 centimeters.

The needle sizes listed in the patterns are recommendations. If you have too many stitches and your knitted sample has more than 10 centimeters with the given number of stitches: use a smaller needle size. If you have too little stitches and you did not reach 10 centimeters: use a bigger needle size.

Otherwise you can also convert the values for knitting your piece.

For example:

18 stitches should be 10 centimeters. However, imagine when you knit, 10 centimeters would be equivalent to 17 stitches. Then you will need for knitting a piece of 100 centimeters 170 stitches instead of 180. Otherwise the garment will not fit and your sweater or cardigan would be 10 stitches too long which equals probably a couple of centimeters.

Knitting a gauge with Einband yarn: Einband yarn is a stretch material that becomes softer after washing for the first time. That is why you have to wash your sample first, then smooth it out gently and measure when dry in order to decide what needle size you are going to use.


Care instructions for Icelandic Wool:

Alafosslopi, Bulkylopi, Lettlopi, Einband:

  • only wash by hand in lukewarm water (30°C) with mild soap or wool detergent
  • soak the garment in the suds for about 10 minutes, do not rub or wring!
  • rinse thoroughly in clean, lukewarm water
  • in the last rinse, you can add a little bit of softener or vinegar if you want to
  • squeeze water out of the garment carefully, do not rub or wring either!
  • if necessary, wrap garment in towels and squeeze out water carefully
  • smooth the garment out and pull gently into shape – let dry while smoothed out flat (e.g. on a dry towel)
  • in case you wish to press the garment, do it gently on the wrong side with a medium warm iron (max. 150° C) over a damp cloth


In general, you can apply for Plötulopi the same care instructions as for Alafoss-, Bulky- and Lettlopi. Only while washing it for the first time, the garment should not be soaking in the suds, but rinsed with clean water immediately after washing.


Note: It is often enough to air out a woolen piece of clothing instead of washing it.