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Our love for Icelandic Wool

We are celebrating our anniversary! – I have been knitting with Icelandic Wool for 25 years

The design and patterns on Icelandic sweaters already fascinated me when I was kid. Later on, when I was already knitting, I ordered my first knitting kit for an Icelandic sweater. After that, I was not only keen on the patterns anymore, but also the Icelandic way of knitting. Icelandic sweaters are knitted circular without a seam. Which means you can darn in the last thread and the garment is good to go. Besides that, I love how special the wool is. It already has its own color characteristics, so sections that are knitted in just one color are never boring, but have their own dynamics.

In the past, people used to bring me their leftover yarn and I did the knitting for them. However, I also started to get more and more requests about the Icelandic Wool I was so excited about. Today I am running my own business and I even have a small team supporting me.

We are specialized in products all around the original LOPI yarn from Iceland. It is still rarely offered for sale in Germany. We are one of a few distributors – out of passion and belief.

In our shop you can find Icelandic Wool in different strengths either as single balls or in a knitting kit, including knitting patterns with simple instructions. In addition, we offer different knitting supplies you might need in order to knit your favorite piece.

We also knit Icelandic sweaters and cardigans made to measure, based on our customer’s ideas and wishes. Plus, we offer cozy knitted socks in all sizes, in your preferred colors, either in solid or design colors.

You enjoy knitting with Icelandic Wool? You have concrete questions or you are just not sure how to put your project into action? Or you are simply looking for inspirations? Join our Facebook group and you can have all that for free! We are looking forward to your visit!