In our wide range of knitting needles and knitting supplies, you can find the right equipment for knitting kits and patterns.

For knitting a sweater or cardigan, you usually need two different needle sizes. The smaller one is for cuffs and collar and the thicker one for knitting passages in the stockinette stitch.

We offer high-quality knitting needles from the company Prym. Among our product range, you can find double pointed needles in lots of different sizes, made from either aluminum, bamboo or plastic. As well as you can find circular needles, also made from aluminum, bamboo or plastic in lots of different cord lengths.

Moreover, we carry the interchangeable needle set KnitPro, where you can combine different sizes of knitting needles with different lengths of cords.

Circular needles
Double pointed needles



Additional supplies and useful helpers

There are also a couple of little tools that make the handwork of knitting easier. These little tools include knitting thimbles, cable-stitch pins, stitch holders and stitch markers. Knitting thimbles for example, you can use in order to knit with several colors or stitch markers in order to mark out a waistline.

Useful helpers that make knitting easier

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